Blue Projects at The Kick Cancer Footgolf Tour 2017


Our Cluj-Napoca team participated last weekend in The Kick Cancer Footgolf Tour 2017, a competition organised by the Little People Association, which enabled us to show children suffering from cancer that there are also many people outside the hospital who truly believe in their victory against this disease.

FootGolf is a combination of golf and soccer. It is a sport of precision which is both easy to learn and extremely fun to play. Like Golf, FootGolf is played across 18 holes, and the objective is to get the ball into the hole in as few kicks as possible.

This year, 28 companies participated in The Kick Cancer Footgolf Tour, proving their skills and talent to win The Kick Cancer Footgolf cup.

Our team had lots of fun and we congratulate them for their involvement and dedication! We are passionately committed to Little People’s mission and encourage all of you to also believe that – through dedication, vision and courage – you can make major changes in the lives of children affected by cancer.