H&S Spotlight: How changing work practices create new HSE concerns


A new report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) highlights how changes in working practices, demographics, technology and the environment are creating new occupational health and safety concerns such as stress, circulatory and respiratory diseases and psychosocial risks. A major driving force behind these changes is the introduction of new technology (robotics and nanotech), due to the unmeasured health hazards it brings to the workforce. ILO estimates that work-related accidents injure more than 374 million people every year, proposing in the study six areas of improvement for policy makers and other stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety Management at Blue Projects

Whether on site or at the office, health and safety is the number one priority at Blue Projects. We believe that if a job cannot be done safely, then it should not be done at all. We strive for zero workplace injuries by emphasizing the importance of taking adequate safety measures. This is also reflected in our safety philosophy, which states that all accidents are avoidable.
Health and Safety trainings are conducted periodically, both in our offices and at our sites, ensuring the safety of our people and enabling them to deliver sustainable results.

Blue Projects is currently developing an integrated Health and Safety software to improve real-time collaboration and incident monitoring. The software can be installed on any smartphone or tablet and will be made available to our personnel as well as contractors and subcontractors. Before entering the construction site for the first time, each company must upload a list of authorized personnel along with their documents (medical checkups, proof of employment, qualifications and trainings). One of the software’s most important features is the ability to log SORs and non-conformity reports, which can be viewed by all stakeholders. Project statistics will be accessible at any moment, from any location.

Blue Projects has an extended team of H&S officers in 22 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. We provide a full range of HSE consultancy services, advising our clients as regards local legislation and international best practices.