15+ Top Construction Trends for 2022

🏗 The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt changed the construction industry.

💻 Curious to find out more about Construction Trends in 2022? Our colleague, Michał Zając, BIM Manager at our Warsaw Office, has shared his thoughts about this year’s trends.

The need for cloud-based tools continues

“2021 was a year dominated by COVID-19, which globally affected the labour market. It is a time that has forced a change in the approach to the tasks performed, mainly by moving to remote working.

It is also the year which, in my opinion, has made us realize the power of working on the basis of cloud-based tools and this trend will continue next year, 2022, if only due to the pandemic which is still ongoing.

What we have been able to do at Blue Projects is to enhance the quality of the services we provide by using technology to enable remote working and connect teams regardless of where they work.

It is the right combination of technology, remote project processes, people experience and effective response to change that allows us to satisfy our clients.

The trend of cloud-based information flow management tools will continue to grow strongly and become a standard for work. The capabilities of tools such as BIM 360, which go far beyond a simple online data repository, will also become more important.

In terms of technology, mechanisms for remote communication between team members on site and coordinating teams in different locations around the world will become much more important. The use of regular 3D laser scanning and 360 panoramas, as well as the possibility of combining them with project data – this will affect the effective tracking of changes and the possibility of quicker reaction to emerging problems.

What is equally important as technology is the team without which even the best tools will not be fully used. The challenge, despite the continuing social distance, will be to bring such a team together and maintain its effectiveness, which at Blue Projects we deal with every day.” Michał Zając, Senior Architect & BIM Manager, Blue Projects

“2022 will be the year of discovering and configuring one software solution that allows immediate access to real-time data as a single source of truth.” -Michał Zając via @ADSK_Construct

Source: Autodesk Construction Cloud