Meet Ioan Iuga our Process Design Lead in Poland


Our Process Design Lead in Polan, Ioan Iuga, has recently celebrated 11 years at Blue Projects and with this occasion he shared some insights about his role within the company and how the company helped him, throughout the years, to achieve his goals.

How long have you been working with us? How do you feel in the morning getting up and going to work at Blue Projects?

I have been working with Blue Projects since 2011. When there is passion in what you do, there is a different definition of “work”. Work is part of our life, so every day I wake up to go to work I just live my life. While I have to fulfil my responsibilities on client projects, I want the freedom to do what gets me going. With a company like Blue Projects supporting me, I have the opportunity to sculpt my career in the way that I want.

Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Blue Projects look like?

I have a mix of responsibilities in our Poland office. My main task is managing the process team in a large project but at the same time I am also responsible for growing the team here in Poland and play a role in business development for Blue Projects Poland.

What makes you want to stay with us?

I believe the company has the right culture and a good working environment, a special atmosphere: amazing people, kindness and direct communication.

What do you love about being a Process Design Lead?

Building a team that works together, learns from each other, and targets the same goals. At Blue Projects we value everyone and try to recognize and emphasize what each individual has to offer.

What advice would you give, after 11 years, to someone joining Blue Projects?

Trust that BP is a company that gives everyone a chance to grow, encourages entrepreneurial skills and invests in people long term

What was the most memorable moment in your 11 years journey at Blue Projects?

The success of delivering the first iconic project of Blue Projects which was the baseline of the company’s future.

Tell us about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a coworker.

The most recent completed project was the 4th Pringles line in Poland for Kellogg’s which, with its results, proved once again the capabilities of Blue Projects and that the collaborative work of the team is the key to success.

How does BP empower you to master your skills as a Process Design Lead?

Building the right level of trust and providing regular feedback on the work performed and milestones achieved, enables me to perform with the right level of accountability and helps me to improve my skills too.

How the company helped you hit your goals?

With providing the right resources and guidance in taking the right decisions when needed. It solidified my belief that the company is willing to invest in you if you work hard and are committed.