Global water issues. Where’s the Water?


In the last week we have seen distressing pictures of the Loire at record low levels and concern that the level of the Rhine is so low that it might impact the transport industry. This is the result of the heat wave in Europe and the lower rainfall caused by climate change. This also highlights how essential water is to life and how we need to protect our water sources and waterways.

At Blue Projects we are very conscious of water usage and are constantly looking for ways that our clients can minimize water usage in their processes. This can be by recycling cooling water in cooling towers, optimizing equipment cleaning cycles or installing water efficient wash-down hoses. With our clients we work with our partners to treat wastewater in the most efficient way to recover what is possible and neutralize the remainder to minimize the water footprint of the production processes.

Our design team are also involved in specifying low water consumption devices for buildings and using grey water and rainwater for landscaping irrigation where possible. They are also responsible for specifying efficient storm attenuation and managing rainwater run off to minimize the environmental impact of increasingly more frequent heavy rainstorms.