Renishaw Coastal Development Precinct – South Coast, Kwazulu-Natal


Our Blue Projects Durban team have been recently working on the Renishaw Coastal Precinct urban masterplan. Renishaw is an exciting 1300-hectare coastal development nestled on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal. The Urban plan is comprised of various nodes for future development, which include

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Health
  • Mixed Use
  • Institutional and Residential sites.

A key factor of the design is the integration of large protected areas of indigenous coastal bush amongst the other uses.  The rehabilitated landscape will allow users to enjoy lush greenery, wildlife and opulent coastal views.

Blue Projects Durban Architecture Teams’ approach to each of the sites urban massing was to clearly indicate the bulk allowable on each site to provide an accurate picture for any developer to see the full potential. Once all sites were populated with a conceptual design and massing, a cohesive urban framework and finished node was visualized. This urban design was creatively captured in high quality realistic renders to be used by the developer for their future marketing purposes and website. The innovative 3D rendering software, Twin motion, was utilized to create the final presentation and renders.