Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Blue Projects


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Blue projects
As a global player in a technical industry, Blue Projects is committed to keep investing in maintaining and further enhancing a diverse and inclusive international team of specialists.

We strongly believe that Diversity brings a plethora of valuable expertise, perspectives and development opportunities for our colleagues and for the business itself. Or, using the words of our colleagues:

Melissa Truscott (Civil Design Lead, Blue Projects South Africa): “Diversity just makes sense- teams with diverse voices and backgrounds make the most innovative creative solutions, and have the most fun doing it!”

Katarzyna Mazur (Country Lead, Blue Projects Poland): “Diversity & Inclusion – not just buzzwords, but an important trend to build a successful and well-functional team. Best ideas come from a group with diverse minds.”

Elena Domsa (Country Lead, Blue Projects UK): “An inclusive and diverse environment empowers us to explore beyond limits, builds the strength and confidence for any individual to become their best self. Voices should be heard regardless of the backgrounds, cultures, genders, and experiences.”

Currently, we are proud to say that:
• 35% of our colleagues are women
• 30% of our technical roles are covered by women
• 45% of our leadership roles are successfully managed by women
We will continue our mission to endorse and sustain a diverse and multi-cultural work environment across all Blue Projects offices, thus bringing our contribution to a much more inclusive industry.