Civil Project Engineer

The Civil Project Engineer plays a pivotal role in managing and executing engineering projects. This position involves overseeing various aspects of project development, from conception to completion, ensuring that the civil part of all projects meet quality, safety, and regulatory standards. The Project Engineer collaborates with cross-functional teams, including production, maintenance, quality, and management, to achieve project objectives and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of the project. The Civil Project Engineer reports to the Engineering Manager of Project Execution or Project team lead.


Engineering Design and Documentation:

  • Lead the development of engineering designs, specifications and drawings.
  • Create and maintain project documentation, including technical drawings, project manuals, and reports.
  • Collaborate with internal resources, external engineering companies, or consultants as needed.
  • Establishment of tender documents, technical alignment, and support for the procurement department

Project Planning and Coordination:

  • Develop project plans, timelines, and budgets in coordination with stakeholders.
  • Follow up on deliveries.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define project scope, goals, and deliverables.
  • Ensure the civil part of the projects align with organizational objectives and industry regulations.

Quality and SHE Compliance:

  • Implement and adhere to food safety regulations and quality standards throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Ensure compliance for all SHE (safety, health, environmental) topics
  • Conduct risk assessments and develop mitigation strategies to ensure a safe working environment.

Stakeholder Communication:

  • Communicate civil project updates and progress to the Engineering Manager or Project team.
  • Collaborate with various departments to address concerns, provide solutions, and ensure alignment with
  • organizational goals.
  • Conduct regular project meetings to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.

Project Execution and Monitoring:

  • Oversee the execution of civil projects, ensuring adherence to timelines and budgets.
  • Ensures adherence to the local and highest safety rules, during the project execution.
  • Manages all civil project on-site activities and external resources.
  • Executes all civil related activities in close agreement and cooperation with site management.
  • Monitor project milestones and provide regular status reports to the Engineering Manager or Project team


  • Master’s degree in engineering preferred (Civil or related field).
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • 5+ years of relevant design and/or project management. Food experience preferred.
  • Technical skills to understand and develop all core processes
  • 2D CAD proficient, 3D CAD knowledgeable
  • Knowledgeable in MS Office Suite and engineering software
  • Dutch – advanced level, English – basic level, French – basic level
  • Excellent time management skills, including the ability to multitask and work under tight deadlines
  • Strong can-do attitude and problem-solving skills
  • Basic contractor management skills