Project Manager

BUSINESS RELATIONS of the position holder:

a) Internal business relations:
Hierarchic relations:
− subordinate to: Country Manager / Client Program manager
− superior to: technical leads of various disciplines/specialties (architect, civil engineer, process engineer, …)
− functional relations: internal and external stakeholders.
− cooperation relations: project management, projects services department, project design teams
− control relations: not applicable
− representation relations: towards client, (sub)contractors, external collaborators
b) External business relations:
− with public authorities and entities: within the limit of the responsibility required by the position
− with the international organizations: subcontractors, external collaborators depending on the ongoing projects
− with private legal entities: not the case

Position responsibilities:
Responsible for: all project lifecycle phases.

Basic Engineering

  • Organise project meetings.
  • Layout & P&ID.
  • Develop Project charter.
  • Execute line risk analysis.
  • Civil works scope.
  • Utilities scope.
  • Manage overall planning.
  • Budget follow up.

Tendering / Procurement Support.

  • Equipment tender (based on standards where available).
  • Mechanical installation tender.
  • Civil works tendering.
  • Piping tender (process & utilities).
  • Technical analysis of quotations.

Detailed design

  • Engineering calculations based on process requirements (capacities)
  • Pump & piping selection.
  • Utilities calculation: cooling power, heating power, compressed air needs
  • Manage overall project planning.


  • Support site supervisor.
  • Manage overall planning, design & budget.
  • FAT at suppliers.


  • Planning pre-start-up: QA, safety, operational validations.
  • PILZ audit & follow up.
  • Organize SAT test.

Hand over / snag list + Project closure

  • Set up and close snag lists.
  • As built.
  • Manage hand over files: documentation + manuals.
  • Required documents for CE certification of the installation.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • permanent coordination of the relation with suppliers, subcontractors and clients
  • establishing review meetings, according to the requirements of the project
  • establishing good collaboration relations with different suppliers in order to solve all the problems that occurred during the performance of works, efficiently and in a timely manner
  • effectively communicating with the customer representatives (client internal stakeholders) in order to ensure quality requirements and follow the best practices in performing the tasks
  • preparing periodic work progress reports and sending them to the superiors and beneficiaries
  • informing the client regarding the work progress status
  • ongoing projects risk assessment
    The employee shall perform in the company’s interest other tasks, outlined by the employee’s superior and within his professional skills and the job description.

Location in which the employee operates: Project premises in ´Vlaams-Brabant´ and Oost Vlaanderen (region Lebbeke) with main office of Blue Projects at Mechelen North

Resources used: laptop, specific software, mobile phone

Key knowledge required by the position:

  • knowledge of the food industry, manufacturing and packaging processes, Layout, Tech-Specs
  • proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office

Studies/courses/training qualifications/authorizations/certifications required:

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent by experience, at least 10 years proven experience) in Engineering, preferably in the construction installation works or Mechanical Engineering.
  • training course: not applicable.

Foreign Languages required:

  • English, advanced level.
  • Dutch, native level.

Skills and abilities:

  • analyze, synthesize, and identify solutions.
  • hands on and pragmatic approach.
  • Good people managements skills set.
  • work independently and effectively under stressful conditions.
  • demonstrate effective time management skills, organizational skills, teamwork, good attention to details.

Assessment criteria:

  • behavioral criteria in the areas of communication, time management, decision making, desire for professional development, teamwork, innovation, punctuality and meeting deadlines, compliance with internal rules.
  • SMART goals / KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • knowledge of standards, norms, technical regulations.
  • reporting to superiors and company’s clients.

About Blue Projects

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At Blue Projects, we believe that growing a great project management company happens from the inside out. It begins with people who are drawn to work that uses every talent they possess, plus imagination, determination and a drive to do the extraordinary.

GDPR compliance:

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