ABInBev Accra Refrigeration Plant Upgrade

Services offered

Turnkey - Basis of design for the complete refrigeration system; Design, procure, install and commission all refrigeration equipment, ammonia piping system and PLC controls; 2D CAD drawings and 3D modelling; Integration of the new plant equipment into the existing system; Engineering management of the above scopes


Accra, Ghana



Blue Projects was appointed as the turnkey contractor by ABInBev to design, install and commission a refrigeration plant extension as part of a plant upgrade at Accra brewery.
ABInBev invested in the refrigeration plant upgrade focused on upgrading existing
infrastructure to support the addition of plant capacity.
The refrigeration plant operated on a two stage
circuit for water chilling services. The main focus of this project was to increase the chiller water
flow to 40m3/h by adding a third circuit operation at a higher temperature which will result in far
more efficient plant operation. The glycol service was also upgraded to support the additional plant capacity. The PLC in plant room 1 was also
replaced with a new PLC and HMI.

Issues and challenges:

Installation into a Brownfield plant meant that care needed to be taken on the layout to prevent clashes with the existing plant.
The possibility that some of the valve would not close shut and this would affect the shut down time.
The accelerated program called for effective project management remotely and on site.
The integration of the new equipment into the existing infrastructure
The time required for plant room 1 shut down, replacing the PLC and taking over existing equipment influenced the time needed to re-commission the plant and the brewery could not give us the time required during their peak operation. This was done within the allowed time and the complete
plant was fully functional in a short period of time.