Blue Projects Delivers New Flagship Facility

Services offered

Mechanical Consulting Engineer


South Africa


March 2016 – September 2017


Karan Beef

Blue Projects was appointed as the mechanical consultant by GCP Projects for the development of a fully automated freezing and robotic storage facility at the Karan Beef Balfour Meat Abattoir. This facility is situated close to Karan Beef’s feedlot in Heidelberg.

Scope of Work

Blue Projects’ role as the mechanical consultant involved several key responsibilities:

  1. Design and Implementation: Developing mechanical systems that support the fully automated freezing and robotic storage processes.
  2. Integration with Existing Infrastructure: Ensuring seamless integration of the new facility with Karan Beef’s existing feedlot and processing operations.
  3. Sustainability and Efficiency: Incorporating sustainable practices and technologies to optimize energy use and minimize environmental impact.

Solutions and Innovations

  • Advanced Freezing Systems: Blue Projects designed and implemented cutting-edge freezing systems that ensure rapid and efficient processing of beef products, maintaining optimal freshness and quality.
  • Robotic Storage Solutions: The incorporation of robotic technology streamlined storage and retrieval processes, reducing human error and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency Measures: To meet sustainability goals, Blue Projects incorporated energy-efficient systems and practices, including advanced insulation and renewable energy sources where possible.

Blue Projects’ expertise and innovative solutions played a key role in bringing Karan Beef’s vision for a flagship facility in South Africa to life.