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Jackson, Tennessee


February 2022 – March 2022



The client has requested a phased technical study to investigate and provide capacity expansion options for one of their legacy production lines to increase capacity to feed a new single serve filling leg (line). Request for Quote has broken the study down into 4 phases, with a 4th phase for detailed design and execution following the front-end phases completion and decision to proceed:

  1. Initial study/evaluation of capacity increase options to include line speed/rate increase, process conversion to higher density design, feed of product stream from process to new packing area, and any new ideas for alternate capacity output.

More detailed study and option analysis (BVOA) of the top two option paths to frame and define preliminary implications of complexity, risk, safety and quality impacts, rough execution schedule and downtime needs expectations, etc.

Conceptual/definition study of lead preferred option to establish design basis, capital budget and execution schedule estimates, preliminary execution plans, and initial drawings for major equipment design changes proposed.