EPCM services for a Greenfield Grain Processing Project

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EPCM services




February 2021 - February 2023



Blue Projects was appointed by the group to provide EPCM services for a new gravity feed grain processing plant in Tolna County, Hungary, as part of a publicly announced series of investments exceeding 200 million euros.  The brownfield site was design and constructed on a 1.5-hectare site within the fence line of the existing facility. 

The Project aimed to support the client in implementing a novel processing method developed by their in-house R&D. Responsibilities included completion of the process design, designing the building for the new processes, integrating it into the current facility, and overseeing the entire project from design and procurement to construction management. 

Scope of work:  

  • Process design to be developed from existing concept design  
  • Architectural & Civil & MEP design for the process scope 
  • Utilities, Electrical & PCIS distribution – extension of existing systems 
  • Project Management & Project services
  • Construction Management of the Project

The client operates a multi-product biorefinery in Hungary, featuring modern production processes and serving as a hub for the development of bio-based technologies.

Issues and Challenges:

  • Defining the layout and integration of the equipment to ensure an effective operational environment that allowed for maintenance and ease of use.
  • The project was managed and executed during the COVID crisis and economic difficulties from the political situation. The team had to continuously challenge suppliers and at times source alternatives to keep the work on schedule and avoid cost escalation.
  • Adapting to changes resulting from the novel process

The successful project completion and effective controls implemented during the project led to Blue Projects being entrusted with subsequent projects by the client