Feasibility Study for a major construction materials manufacturer

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November 2022 – January 2023



Blue Projects was entrusted with the task of preparing the feasibility study for installing a heating oil receiving and distribution system at an industrial facility in western Hungary.

Blue Project feasibility study included the following deliverables:

  1. Identification of suppliers that met specified volumetric and process requirements of the client.
  2. Environmental, Safety, and Legal Requirements Analysis: A thorough analysis of environmental, safety, and other legal requirements was conducted, ensuring that the project adhered to all necessary regulations and standards.
  3. Permitting Consultancy – Legal Applications (Permits): definition of permitting requirements for the project and creation of a permitting roadmap to ensure success
  4. Concept Design: Our expert team ensured that the project’s design was crafted to align with both European and local rules and regulations, guaranteeing compliance at every stage.
  5. Civil/structural design, incorporating additional equipment into civil design.
  6. Integration of a design for a pumping station and distribution pipeline, with an optimized design to use existing pipe bridges to reduce cost.
  7. Tank Filling Station with Safety Features and Preparations: Our team orchestrated the design of a tank filling station, integrating robust safety features .

As a deliverable of the project our team provided a report that allowed the client to make a well informed decision on the project’s CAPEX approval.