Greenfield Concentrate and Bioethanol Plant

Services offered

Design, Masterplan




July 2022 – March 2023



Blue Projects collaborated with an industrial (refinery) company on the establishment of a greenfield Barley Protein Concentrate (BPC) Plant near Menciai, Northern Lithuania. This stand-alone facility was conceptualized as a fusion of a BPC Plant and a Bioethanol Plant, with glucose derived from the BPC process serving as the substrate for ethanol production.

Blue Projects supported the engineering team of the industrial company by developing an overall site master plan and conceptual process block diagrams. This preliminary work was crucial to enable the company to engage a local permitting consultant and proceed with the submission of Environmental Authorization applications, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Building upon the success of the initial phase, the project entered its current phase, which involved step 2 services provided by Blue Projects. This phase focused on further enhancing the site master plan and refining process utility and civil/building designs. The objective was to prepare and submit an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) permit application, marking a critical milestone in the project’s progression.

Through meticulous planning and expertise in engineering and design, Blue Projects facilitated the industrial company’s efforts to establish a state-of-the-art BPC and Bioethanol Plant. This case exemplifies Blue Projects’ commitment to supporting clients in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and realizing their vision for sustainable industrial development while maintaining confidentiality.