IKEA New Store Pallady

Services offered

Full Design, Design & BREAM Management, Statutory Verification (Concept Design, Outline Design, Permitting, Tender Assistance)


Bucharest, Romania


December 2016 – December 2018 (Building Permit obtained in October 2017)




IKEA Romania opened its second Furniture Store located in Theodor Pallady area, Bucharest.
The project, covering 67,000 sqm, includes a department store for furniture, a commercial building including auxiliary logistics, storage, restaurant, offices and technical areas.
More details about IKEA can be found here.

The Building Permit was obtained in October 2017 and the project was delivered at the beginning of June 2019.

Blue Projects was selected to provide Design & Project Support Services as detailed below:
• Concept Design
• Outline Design
• Permitting
• Tender Assistance

Blue Projects gathered its experienced team, composed of civil engineering & design management professionals, for the successful completion of the project.


The two biggest project challenges were: Adapting IKEA standards and Retail requirements to the Romanian fire and structural regulations; Performing major changes on the design within a very short time and transposing all those changes in the BIM model.

Our Solution

We managed to stay on track by involving more resources and getting them to fit in the team and mobilizing everybody to work at a really fast pace. We also managed to establish a standardized workflow, within a very short time. Thanks to the efforts made by our team, the results were great and we are proud to say that this is one of our most successful projects, in terms of team coordination and reaching deadlines.