Knauf Plant Several Projects Upgrade

Services offered

Design Services


Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan


May 2017 – April 2021



Blue Projects was appointed by Knauf to provide design services for several Plants located in Russia. The projects can be found listed below:

  • Design services for Knauf AQUAPANEL platform.
  • Psebay Warehouse Heating
  • Plant Technical Audit, Atyrau, Kazakhstan
  • Knauf Novomoskovsk Plant Structures Modification
  • Krasnogorsk Plant Modular House Production
  • Detailed design for the new plasterboard factory, within the Fergana region in Uzbekistan
  • Zvenigovo Plant Upgrade Project
  • Baskuncha New Gypsum Silo

Knauf Gips KG is a multinational, family-owned company based in Iphofen, Germany, well known for drywall gypsum boards, founded in 1932. The company is a producer of building materials and construction systems comprising construction materials for drywall construction, plasterboard, cement boards, mineral fiber acoustic boards, dry mortars with gypsum for internal plaster and cement-based external plaster and insulating materials; glass wool, stone wool and other insulation materials under the company Knauf Insulation.

It has more than 150 production sites worldwide. It is one of the six producers which hold approximately 81% of the worldwide wallboard market.

Knauf is the biggest German investor in the construction industry in Russia. The Knauf Group CIS conducts its mainly activities in recovery and processing of gypsum, production of gypsum and cement-based building finishing materials of the highest quality and supplying the construction industry with gypsum.