Michelin Technical Assistance

Services offered

Project Management, Fit-out, Design Services, Technical Assistance


Olsztyn, Poland


October 2017 – May 2021



We are happy and proud that our team in Poland was appointed by Michelin to provide services for multiple internal projects at their factory, office and warehouse:

  • Supervision of fit out works at Michelin’s office in Warsaw (about 800 sqm). The scope includes verification of the scope of work and implementation costs, acceptance of detailed design, supervision of the remaining finishing works
  • Preparation of the multi-branch construction and tender project, together with a table of integrated elements for development for an area of approximately 100 sqm in Michelin factory in Olsztyn
  • Preparation of the exhaust ventilation in the battery room at Michelin warehouse in Parzniew
  • Execution of the construction project for a building permit and a tender design, together with tender specifications for general construction works pertaining to the roofed ramp (including adaptation of the area after the former docks in the facility) in Michelin factory in Olsztyn.
  • Execution of the construction project for a building permit for the building storage area in Michelin factory in Olsztyn
  • Preparation of the tender design along with the specification of general construction works, separation of the room for laser cleaning of forms in the fan room in Michelin factory in Olsztyn

Michelin Polska (till 2005 named Stomil Olsztyn) is a tyre manufacturer based in Olsztyn, Poland. The company came into existence when the tyre plant OZOS „Stomil”, founded in 1967, was privatized in 1992. In 1995 Michelin acquired the majority share in Stomil. From 1995 to May 28, 2004 Stomil was quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 2005 Michelin gained full control of Stomil and renamed it to Michelin Polska S.A.. With roughly 4,000 employees Michelin Polska is one of the largest Michelin plants and the largest tyre plant in Poland.