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August – December 2023



A leading company in the food industry had engaged Blue Projects to provide engineering support for the installation of an HVAC system within their main production building at their site in Gebze. The project aimed to enhance the facility’s air handling units by integrating a cooling system, thereby improving overall operational efficiency and comfort within the production environment.

The Scope of Work (SOW) encompassed tender Design for the HVAC System, with a focus on delivering the following key deliverables:

  • Tender Design complete with Bill of Quantities (BOQ) detailing the required materials and equipment for the installation.
  • Ventilation system ducting layouts at a scale of 1:100, accompanied by comprehensive schemas to facilitate visualization and understanding of the proposed design.
  • Cooling system piping layouts at a scale of 1:100, along with corresponding schemas to illustrate the intended installation configuration.
  • Piping diagram outlining the layout and connections of the cooling equipment, ensuring seamless integration within the existing infrastructure.
  • Technical Description Report providing in-depth analysis and documentation, including design parameters, cooling load calculation, as well as duct and pipe pressure loss calculation, thereby offering a comprehensive understanding of the proposed HVAC system design.

By delivering on the outlined Scope of Work, Blue Projects provided the food industry client with a package that not only addressed their immediate need for HVAC system enhancement but also laid the foundation for efficient and effective project execution.