Snack Company expands Production Capacity in Germany

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January 2023 – December 2023



A Snack Company in Germany, a key player within the snack industry, experienced remarkable sales growth at its site in Germany. Initially equipped with one production line, the site found itself exceeding sales projections, necessitating the implementation of a second production line. By 2023, the site was operating at full capacity, prompting the need for an expansion of its shift model to accommodate increased demand.

The company embarked on a significant expansion endeavor aimed at installing a new pellet frying production line equipped with automated packaging and palletizing capabilities to meet projected sales volumes for the upcoming years.

Key activities included

• Installation of a new fryer and its connection to the existing Operational Management System (OMS).

• Installation of a new OMS and packaging lines, integrating them with the existing fryer.

This comprehensive approach ensured that the company’s expansion project proceeded smoothly, meeting operational requirements while adhering to stringent quality and safety standards.