Structural Roof Investigation and 3D Modeling

Services offered

3D Scanning & Modelling (LOD 300), Non-Destructive Testing




November – December 2023



Blue Projects was enlisted to provide services for a structural roof investigation conducted by a food company. The primary objective was to assess the condition of the site’s roof supporting structure.

The scope of the project involved conducting 3D scanning and modeling services for various components, including HVAC ducting, piping, equipment, supporting structures, and supply pipes-related structures.

Key deliverables of the project included:

  • Generation of 3D BIM/Revit Models focusing on the concrete (building) models across all four areas.
  • Development of 3D BIM/Tekla Models emphasizing the steel models covering piping, structural elements, and equipment for all four areas.
  • Preparation of detailed calculation reports outlining both static and dynamic loads of the scanned areas.

Furthermore, rendered models of all four areas were meticulously crafted and provided on separate external hard drives, each containing the data pertinent to its corresponding area.

This case exemplifies Blue Projects’ expertise in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients within the food industry, ensuring thorough structural assessments and actionable insights.