Relocation Project Canada

Services offered

Design Services, Plant Relocation


Ontario, Canada


August 2020 – December 2021



Our Client relocated 3 production lines from the Rexdale site in Toronto, Ontario to a brownfield site in Brantford located to the west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Total area of the Brantford site is estimated at 17.4 Acres with 164,000 ft2 under roof.   The new installation will be to a brownfield site.

We provided the design work required for the demolition and renovation of this area and scope of work for the Admin building to accommodate the relocation of the WWTP. This design work for the Admin building included CSA/MEP to Permit Package and IFT/IFC, as well as demolition package.

Our Project in Brantford, Ontario, Canada includes a brownfield renovation of an existing site and buildings for relocation/installation of existing production lines from current Rexdale site and new line/equipment to enable continued growth of our CLient’s business.