Ursus Brewery Cluj-Napoca

Services offered

Project Management & Conceptual Design


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


September 2010 – May 2011




Due to the closure of the URSUS Breweries Cluj production facility, a mini brewery and brewpub restaurant were proposed.

The objective was to produce URSUS Premium in an unfiltered derivative, whilst maintaining a consistent beer quality, meeting international standards for mini brewery equipment.

As an overview, the new mini brewery had to be able to produce URSUS Premium unfiltered beer and have weekly production volumes not less than equivalent to one of the smallest unitank fermentation and maturation vessels on site, with brewing at the frequency of no less than once per week.

The entire reconfiguration of the old factory area was designed by our team, aiming for the lowest cost structural modifications, to achieve the requested deliverables. Our team was also responsible for the Project Management of the mini brewery and brewpub restaurant.

Blue Projects was able to successfully deliver the project in a record timeline of 9 months.