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Aug 2019 – March 2021



Among other projects in which we were involved for our Client (Dairy producer), we had the opportunity to deliver various projects in the UK:

1. Engineering services for the Production Line project in the UK.

For this project, Blue Projects conducted an in-depth study on site in order to assess the site and develop the project to create a sufficiently detailed design of the new line and all associated upstream and downstream process requirements, with sufficient technical and financial cost detail for the purpose of making a capex application for the full project.

2. Installation of a new process line in another Manufacturing plant in the UK

Part of the project required the purchase of AGV’s to operate within the warehouse area to move both pallets and TET’s, with the pallets being a combination of finished product and raw materials.

Blue Projects has provided engineering support services to assist in drafting the RFQ documentation and assist the tender review process

3. Automation of a warehouse in the UK, regarding both the high bay building and the AGV solution for automation.

Blue Projects provided engineering review services in the following areas:

  • Reviewed the building design and tenders in terms of costing and identification of value engineering opportunities
  • Reviewed the AGV proposals, provided input on design proposals and confirmed technical capability to meet the performance requirements.