Project Management

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored project management service that assists our clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing project delivery – we become your trusted advisor. During the project life cycle, Blue Projects experts utilize state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated tools of measurement, control and analysis to ensure maximum value for our clients’ investments.

Acknowledging that each project is unique, we adapt and scale our approach to meet the particular needs of the clients, the business drivers and the challenges they encounter along the way.

Based on the information from the Business Case phase, Blue Projects will compile a project brief to define the scope, business objectives, stakeholder quality requirements, project risks and key success factors, in order to create focus of purpose for the entire project team.

A project execution plan (PEP) defines the execution methodology, through project organization, roles and responsibilities, communication plans, meeting cadence, reporting and controls. In-house templates are flexible and can be adapted and integrated with existing client protocols.

A detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) and information flow-management are essential for effective project management.

Blue Projects will prepare an overall, integrated project schedule as a baseline, utilizing critical path analysis, waste elimination and resource levelling, and will also monitor, control and report progress.