Win the Decade Project

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Services offered Construction Management
Location Newcastle, UK
Time Contractual deadline 02.10.2015
Delivered to client on 25.09.2015
Client P&G



The Win the Decade Project was one that we really enjoyed working on. The project consisted in the construction of a new production unit, part of the existing P&G factory in Seaton, Deval.
The plant has a total area of 5000 sqm and manufactures many of fine fragrances that P&G produces, both under their own brands and under licence.

Our team has been ensuring the day to day coordination with the General Contractor in terms of schedule, health & safety, work quality and contractual & commercial consultancy.

And we are proud to say that we successfully delivered the final result within the approved budget and complying with the agreed deadlines, keeping constant control of the quality of executed works.

Challenge One of the challenges that our project management team had to overcome during Win the Decade project, was the alignment between the specific UK regulations and EUROCODE (European Norms) which is currently in progress, though most of the designers are reluctant and they are still following British Standards recommendations.
Our Solution In this respect, our team had to double check the design against both British Standards and Eurocode. Another challenge came along when the design and construction teams had to be convinced that Eurocode and Procter & Gamble specifications were supposed to be followed instead of the British Standards.
86,033 Total hours worked
1.3 Total incident rate
223 Peak workers on site
“Blue Projects team proved a high level of professionalisms from day one. The benefit of having Blue Projects alongside our project was having someone in our corner who made sure that the general contractor and the subcontractors delivered properly and we did not have to question ourselves on the delivery in cost, quality and time parameters .” – Richard Pokorski, Project Manager at P&G
Richard Pokorski
Project Manager
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