High Bay Warehouses – what Blue Projects can provide for clad-rack system buildings

Based on the engineering and project management experience of Blue Projects in diverse industries and companies, we naturally developed a practical and personalized plan, to identify individual solutions that make the very best use of the available space and conditions, in regard to footprint, height and proposed location of a new high bay warehouse.

High bay warehouses also known as clad-rack warehouses, are systems where the racking supports not only the stored goods, but the building envelope itself and the external loads on the building.

High bays are the industrial sector’s response to growing pressures to make more efficient use of space and streamline inventory management. Their design involves intense collaboration from concept to execution between the classical designers and the racking designer.

Allowing for fast execution based on close coordination of suppliers, the high bay is built of the following elements:

  • Concrete foundation slab, calculated to support the loads transmitted by the racking structure
  • Metal structure of the clad-rack warehouse, used to support both the stored goods and the cladding and installations of the building
  • Exterior cladding for walls and roof
  • Interior MEP systems based on requirements (HVAC, sprinklers, electrical installations, etc).

Our internationally experienced project managers develop unique solutions designed for our clients’ precise requirements. Blue Projects has successfully implemented the technology Design and Integration of racking system into a civil construction package, by using BIM coordination and clash detection to have early detection of potential conflicts between the design disciplines.

In addition to partially automated solutions, Blue Projects offers customized planning to address specific challenges for right high bay warehouse system. This experience in the execution phase enables us to define realistic and achievable solutions.