Blue Projects nominated to Emerging Europe event in the UK


We are proud to announce that Blue Projects was nominated by Emerging Europe Leaders’ Meeting and Awards for Global Champion of the Year award. A total of 120 companies and organizations from 23 countries in Central and Eastern Europe have been nominated across 12 categories, out of 949 applications. Blue Projects is the only Romanian company to be nominated for Global Champion of the Year, which is given to companies with no foreign capital that strengthened their operations outside the region in 2018, organically or through acquisitions. The winners will be announced during a presentation ceremony at the EBRD headquarters in London, on June 28.

This nomination comes after a fast-growing year for Blue Projects, both in terms of global presence and financial results. In 2018 we opened new offices in Netherlands and UK, along with a third Russian office in Tula, which strengthens the capabilities of the Moscow and Novomoskovsk offices. We also secured projects in new countries such as Ireland, Spain, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, Egypt, Malaysia, France, Mexico, South Africa, which we believe is proof of our professionalism and commitment to quality.

Emerging Europe is an intelligence and networking platform headquartered in London, its mission being to support economic and social growth in 23 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Leaders’ Meeting & Awards is held every year, one of its goals being to ”showcase the best of the Central and Eastern Europe region and to acknowledge those who consistently work towards and contribute most to its growth”.