Coronavirus update


To our clients and partners

Considering the ongoing situation all of us are facing, we assure our commitment to continue serving you as best as always.

Business as usual despite the circumstances

We have reduced face to face meetings and moved onto online meetings. Although all our 17 global offices are open and operational; many of our colleagues are allowed to work from home, and meet in the offices each other face to face or clients, when required and if allowed by the statutory mandates. We do all possible in hand to deliver all our projects with all the required resources in place so that you continue to receive the highest level of support.

Safety is the number one priority

Work on the construction sites is ongoing where possible without compromising any deadlines. Safety remains our top priority and we have set ourselves the goal to ensure both Blue Projects team members and those we work with remain safe. All preventive and protective measures possible which possibly can be taken have been taken. We are very happy to announce that none of our colleagues are yet to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

We are carefully in compliance with the governmental statutory mandates in all 27 Countries we operate. Blue Projects will continue to closely monitor the situation and official updates and recommendations, keeping everyone informed about the latest decisions taken by authorities in each country and the impact they may have on the business.

We are confident that we will overcome together these unprecedented global adverse circumstances and our collective effort in overcoming will make us and our relationship stronger for the future decade.

Looking forward to meeting you soon face to face and wishing you all the best.

Blue Projects Team