Partnering at CEDER Conference 2022 with CIJ Europe

This year’s 15th CEDER conference had new topics, speakers and attendees.

Some of the topics discussed at the conference were about the continued impact of COVID-19 pandemic has done little to slow down the residential and warehousing markets, with 2022 to be another year of growth and prosperity. How will the office sector see its numbers return to the work place and will retail find its way back with footfall from a cautious consumer, this years 15th CEDER conference coverd these questions as well as the main sectors of real estate and what plans are being made to edge forward with change in the short term, while planning for the long term.

The speakers chosen for CEDER are known business leaders from the top companies active in the property sector.

We are delighted that we were partners at the CEDER conference organized by CIJ EUROPE!

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