Production lines relocation


This type of projects requires a very cautious preparation in advance. Many companies can do the dismantling and the reinstallation of the work, but BP can offer more than that. To make sure that your relocation project is set it up for success we can provide:

  • Audit the line by measuring current performances and identifying potential issues with the line or with some of the machine or installation which can affect the performance in the new location
  • Prepare or give input on the future layout
  • Identify the routes to take out the machines and identify the narrowest areas.
  • Mechanical yellow lining: studying and marking the exact place where the installation can be dismantled
  • Electrical yellow lining: checking the electrical diagrams and measuring the length of the cables to make sure that in the new configuration we will have enough cables
  • Prepare the list of the necessary components (mechanical and electrical) to be able to complete the installation
  • Software back-up in case that the software will not work after powering up on the new location

On top of all the before mentioned points of course we will have a detailed schedule of all the works to be able to see all the planned activities and milestones as well to monitor the progress.

After the careful preparation the dismantling can start, but not before documenting the current installation through photos and videos. Moreover, during the cable disconnecting each cable will be labeled (sometime the update of the electrical drawing it is needed) to know exactly were to be reconnected.

Another important aspect it is the packing of the dismantled machines. Each part will be measured, and tailor-made wooden pallet will be manufactured for each one. The pallets must be strong enough to be able to load it into a truck and offer stability during the transport. During the transport there is a high risk to damage the machine and parts, for this reason the machines must be secured very well during the loading.

Just before the machines will arrive in the new location, we need to make sure that:

  • The ingress routes are clear and free
  • To coordinate with the new site the unloading and the transport into the final location
  • The reference point “0,0,0” it is known, and we can start to mark on the floor the position of the machines

During installation, having supervisors on site, we can spot ad-hoc eventually non-conformities or snag items. This will lead us in having a reduced punch list at the end and time saving for fixing the punch list items.

              After, installation and IQ done line will be ready for “Power ON” and commissioning, very important process in which we are assisting our customers to make sure that everything it is working according with the expectations.

After the commissioning, usually, relocation job it is considered done, but sometimes we can assist our clients during start up of the production. And this happened during relocation projects with: Coty, Mars and Upfield.