Fire System Services Upgrade at Confectionery Facility

Services offered

Concept Design


Czech Republic


June – September 2023



Blue Projects was engaged by a leading company in the food industry to provide support with their Loss Prevention Program at their facility located in the Czech Republic.

The initial phase involved visiting the plant for on-site assessment, reviewing past project records, existing documentation, studying the insurance company’s reports, and analyzing ongoing and upcoming plant projects.

Blue Projects delivered the following services as part of the project:

  • Conceptual Design (2D, DWG format and calculations):
  • Floor layouts illustrating each sprinkler zone with design parameters and alarm valve room locations.
  • Preliminary internal/external fire water main routing layout.
  • Initial pump and water capacity calculations and schematics.
  • Preliminary Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and budget calculations.
  • Visual Inspection Report.
  • Review Report of the as-built drawings based on findings from the on-site assessment.
  • Definition of Structural Engineering Scope to accommodate the new fire sprinkler system design.

This case study highlights Blue Projects’ commitment to providing comprehensive support and expertise in ensuring the implementation of effective loss prevention measures within the food industry, while maintaining confidentiality and attention to details throughout the project lifecycle.