Development of a concept design for novel bio-based technology within a brownfield site 

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January 2018 – March 2022



Blue Projects was tasked by a confidential client to swiftly develop a concept design for a new bio-based technology on a brownfield site in Hungary. The goal was to capitalize on a by-product stream through the implementation of new R&D technology. The collaborative effort aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scale and scope. This involved identifying process and utility requirements, defining budgetary needs with tight confidence levels, addressing scheduling constraints, and planning mobilization.

The deliverables included a detailed project budget and master schedule aligned with functional deliverables to ensure accurate financial planning throughout the design, permitting, and execution phases.

The Civils Basis of Design defined the facility on the brownfield site, considering traffic and personnel flows, future expansion, and functional area optimization.

The Technical Basis of Design provided supporting documentation for processes, user specifications, waste handling, utility requirements, electrical rooms, drying, packing, and loadout.

Each Functional Discipline coordinated inputs and outputs within their respective work-package areas. This collaborative effort addressed crucial aspects that fed into the budgeting, scheduling, risk profiling.

Issues and Challenges:

  • Defining the location and layout were crucial due to the client’s ambitious future plans.
  • Higher hygiene requirements in certain areas necessitated clear specifications and identification of certification requirements.
  • Thorough work on chemical processes, assumptions, and calculations in collaboration with OEM suppliers was required for a successful design.
  • The accelerated timeline required close project control and effective management to enable quick design decisions and implementation.