Carlsberg Brewery Relocation

Services offered

Design Management, Construction Management for Building and related facilities, Process, Packing and Utilities, Vendor Management


Hamburg, Germany


January 2018 – March 2020




Blue Projects has assisted Carlsberg with their new Braveheart brewery in Germany, by providing engineering, project management, construction management and vendor management services for the relocation of Holsten production facility from Hamburg’s Altona borough to the Hausbruch district, an industrial area, located south of the city. The project started in January 2018 and ended in June 2019, with the official opening of the new brewery taking place on November 4. The total investment value is estimated at €150 million.

The Holsten brewery was founded in 1879 and acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2004. The company decided to move the brewery to a new location, after it became clear that the Altona site was no longer fit for industrial beer production. Hundreds of trucks were driving to the brewery each day, severely impacting the inner-city traffic.

In its new location, the brewery has an estimated footprint of 56,900 sqm – with a building area of 24,500 sqm – and a production capacity of 100 million liters per year, equivalent to approximately 1 million bottles every day. The two filling systems can produce 60,000 bottles (180 barrels) per hour. Up to 100 trucks will be loaded daily, without affecting the city traffic.

An urban redevelopment project is planned for the former site of the brewery, where new housing units, shopping centers and schools will be built in the near future.

“I value the high-quality expertise, proactive approach and flexibility very much. There is a limited amount of companies that come with a solution proposal before handing over claims or extending scope of works. I see that Blue Projects has massive experience, although they are a relatively “young” company. I appreciate that they have people, processes and content examples ready from various industries & geographies. It all definitely helps structure and effectively manage the project. Blue Projects is offering unconstrained access to high-quality resources. Perfect management execution, ability to work on strategic axis, making sure that overall PM  processes are in place, supported by the tools leading to quick ground-level problem solving. Most impressive is the speed of problem solving which is inevitable in any project. As for me, they are also a perfect cultural fit. Well educated, young, motivated, making very stressful work enjoyable.”

Mr. Łukasz Gładysz 
Project Director